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Fully digital, trusted, and open for business - ensuring continuity of service with eIDAS remote signatures.

Now, more than ever, we need to create a secure, cashless and paperless world. During prolonged periods of social distancing, which may prevent legally binding documents from being signed, remote qualified e-signature (QES) services are essential for business continuity. Join our webinar on eIDAS-compliant QES to discover how to deliver remote digital signatures and hear from KIR, the Polish national payments processor, and how they deployed a remote QES.

Learn about:

  • How a leading qTSP deployed remote QES for an end-to-end digital customer journey
  • Market observations and digitalization trends
  • Achieving the highest qualified assurance level and passing compliance audits
  • Using existing IT infrastructure for e-signatures
  • Reducing operational cost of document management

This webinar is for you if you are responsible for:

  • Managing digitalization and IT delivery
  • Overseeing security best practices in your organization
  • Auditing and ensuring your organizational compliance
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